The Mummy (1/8th Scale Model)

I got this kit almost 20 years ago. It was in my early days of modelling and, even then, I knew I wasn’t ready to properly finish it. So it sat in a box partially built over the years. I dug it up while cleaning recently and decided it was time to finish it.

The model is far from perfect. It would seem that the Karloff mummy was the inspiration, but the execution was lacking. It would take some serious work to make it accurate to the movie. I didn’t have the time or real desire to make those modifications. Instead, I focused on a good paint job. I did my best to accentuate shadows in the face to help bring Boris’ characteristics out. The only sort of modification to the kit was done on the base. The sand texture just wasn’t very believable to me. So I applied some model railroad coal dust to the sand and stone areas. It was fine enough to give a somewhat scale sand texture.

Overall, this kit proved to me that you can breathe life into those old Aurora figure model kits with nothing more than a good paint job. I may try my hand at a few more… you know… for fun.